Transforming small businesses and community groups towards resilience, innovation, and regenerative growth.
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New Paradigms in RESILIENCE

Empowering Communities for Tomorrow

At New Paradigms Consulting, we believe in the power of community resilience. In a world facing unprecedented challenges, we offer a transformative journey for communities to thrive in the face of adversity.

Through our dynamic blend of online and in-person workshops, we equip individuals and groups with the tools, strategies, and mindsets necessary to navigate uncertainty and build sustainable futures. From fostering strong social connections to harnessing local resources, our workshops delve into the heart of resilience, empowering participants to adapt, innovate, and lead change.

Join us on the frontier of resilience-building as we chart new paths, forge meaningful connections, and cultivate a future where communities not only survive, but thrive.

Photo of group of individuals doing group work outdoors in a wooded area


Transforming Communities through Strategic Planning

At New Paradigms Consulting, we’re dedicated to revitalising rural communities, villages, and towns through innovative strategic planning. With a deep commitment to empowering local voices, we harness the power of digital technology to streamline and democratise the planning process, making it accessible and affordable for volunteers to engage meaningfully.

Our strategic planning service is more than just a roadmap for development—it’s a catalyst for community-driven change. Through collaborative workshops, online platforms, and tailored guidance, we empower residents to shape the future of their hometowns. From envisioning vibrant main streets to preserving natural landscapes, we work hand-in-hand with volunteers to turn aspirations into reality.

Photo of group of individuals doing group work outdoors in a wooded area


Empowering Small Businesses for Community Growth

At New Paradigms, we understand that sustainable small businesses are the heartbeat of thriving communities. That’s why we’re dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs on their journey towards sustainability and success.

Through tailored guidance, innovative strategies, and collaborative partnerships, we empower small businesses to not only survive, but to thrive in today’s ever-changing landscape. From eco-friendly practices to social responsibility initiatives, we help businesses integrate sustainability into every aspect of their operations.

Join us in building a brighter future—one where small businesses serve as pillars of resilience, driving economic growth, fostering community connections, and championing sustainable practices.

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Meet the Founder

Meet the Founder

Bernard has over three decades of dedication to Rural and Community Development. With a steadfast belief in the power of innovation and resilient local communities, Bernard champions a future where every voice matters in shaping community vision.

At New Paradigms Consulting, Bernard’s passion finds expression through a commitment to inclusive, forward-thinking approaches. By assembling a team of seasoned experts, Bernard ensures that communities have the support and guidance needed to turn their aspirations into reality.

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